Three Unconventional Foods to Serve in Martini Glasses

A good catering service can not only provide high-quality foods for any type of party that you're planning, but they can also serve them in appealing ways. One technique that many catering professionals adopt is using stylish serving vessels for a wide variety of dishes. While you might understandably associate martini glasses with adult beverages, your caterer knows that this triangular glass can also be valuable for serving many other foods. Some desserts work well in martini glasses, but a creative caterer may opt to serve the following unconventional items in this type of glass.


It's a good idea to have some salad options on the menu of your catered party. The inclusion of salad provides a healthy choice for party guests who are careful about what they eat, and any caterer can offer you a wide range of salad choices. Instead of having large bowls of salad for your guests to serve themselves, consider speaking to your caterer about serving salads in martini glasses. The serving size will obviously be on the smaller side, but the visual appeal will be high. Many different types of salads, including Greek salad, couscous salad, and more, can all work in this application.

Chips and Dip

Don't be afraid to offer something simple such as chips and dip at your catered event. Instead of using conventional ingredients, however, your caterer can produce unique fare. For example, some caterers will cut a variety of root vegetables into thin slices and fry them to serve as chips. Of course, a good caterer will also make a dip from scratch, resulting in a dish that many of your guests will rave about. This twist on traditional chips and dip can work well in a martini glass with dip placed in the bottom of the glass and the chips stuck in the dip around the edge.

Potatoes and Chicken

If you're looking to add some comfort foods to the menu of your catered party, mashed potatoes might be at the top of your list. There are few things that pair better with mashed potatoes than fried chicken, so talk to your catering service about serving these items in a martini glass. For example, the caterer can fill the glass with a serving of mashed potatoes, place a few bite-sized pieces of fried chicken on top, and then drizzle honey mustard and diced green onions over everything. There's a huge chance that this will be a popular dish at your event.

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