4 Things To Do When Your High-Quality Colombian Coffee Comes In The Mail

When you order high-quality, whole bean Colombian coffee in the mail, you tend to get pretty excited for its arrival. You probably can't wait to dive into the bag and brew yourself a caffeinated beverage of that rich, indulgent goodness. But if you really want to enjoy cup after cup of delicious coffee, it's wise to slow down. The following are four things you should do when you receive your coffee in the mail.

Check for any packing information.

Some coffee producers — especially those who sell better quality coffees — will include a little pamphlet with their coffee when they ship it. The pamphlet may tell you where the coffee came from, how it has been roasted, and some other important details. It may even include tasting notes, which can be interesting to read because they tell you what flavors other people noticed in the coffee. Look for this pamphlet before you throw the box away, and set it aside so you can read it.

Put what you won't use soon in the freezer.

You may not need to do this if you just ordered a smaller, 11 or 12-ounce bag of coffee. However, if you ordered a larger bag of coffee beans, you'll want to set aside a few ounces to use in the next week. Then, put the rest of the sealed bag in the freezer. (Transfer the coffee to a resealable bag if it did not come in one.) Doing this will keep the coffee fresher for longer. When your room temperature coffee beans run out, just pull a few more out of the freezer.

Put your "daily" coffee in a tightly sealed container.

Make sure you also put the coffee you're not keeping in the freezer into a container that seals closed tightly. People often use Mason jars for this purpose. A proper, metal coffee storage canister will also work, of course.

Cup your coffee.

This is the last thing to do before you brew a proper cup. Cupping is the art of brewing a small quantity of coffee, letting it steep with the grounds, and then using a spoon to taste the coffee on its own — without anything added. Note the flavor profiles and really enjoy the nuances of your Colombian coffee as you cup it. Then, you can finally move on to brewing a classic mug with milk, sugar, or whatever else you like in it.

If you do these things when your coffee comes in the mail, you'll be set for a great experience. Visit a coffee supplier such as SF Bay Coffee today and enjoy!