5 Reasons Cubed Ice Is Better Than Block Ice

As a restaurant owner or employee, you may be wondering how to help improve your guests' visits. Choosing the right ice for each drink is one way you can boost customer satisfaction. Ice helps transform an ordinary beverage into a refreshing experience, and cubed ice is often the go-to choice of professionals. Here are five reasons why cubed ice is better than block ice.

1) Cubed ice fits easily into each cup 

Big, bulky ice cubes can take away from the beverage experience. With cubed ice, you can easily fill a glass without having to worry about it overflowing due to large chunks of ice that don't fit into the cup. That's why cubed ice services are a popular choice for many restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments.

2) Cubed ice is aesthetically pleasing

Cubed ice looks much better than large, clunky blocks of ice. The small pieces of cubed ice make drinks look more attractive and inviting, which can make them more likely to be chosen over other drinks. Also, if you are serving fruity cocktails or colorful juice drinks, it can be easier to see the vibrant drink color with small pieces of cubed ice in the cup. This gives customers peace of mind that they have received the correct beverage.

3) Cubed ice is easier to store

Cubed ice often takes up less space than block ice, so it's easier to store in areas with limited space. Also, some cubed ice machines are designed to hold less water than block ice makers and require less energy to produce their cubes. This makes a cubed ice maker ideal for restaurants with limited storage space or a small drink-making station.

4) Customers love cubed ice

Have you ever had a customer request a cup of your ice with their meal? Some diners specifically visit restaurants for what they consider to be good ice — they don't even mind if you include a beverage in the cup. Also, some diners feel that drinks are more flavorful when they have small pieces of cubed ice rather than traditional block ice cubes.

5) Cubed ice can be used in a variety of beverages

If you have a large menu, you may want to offer several types of ice. Cubed ice can be used in almost any type of beverage, from soft drinks and sodas to frosted coffees and smoothies. Also, cubed ice is the perfect choice for making frozen cocktails like margaritas since it won't overpower the flavor of the drink.