Dos And Don'ts Of Using Sugar Art On A Cake

For all sorts of special occasions, sugar art perched atop a cake can help to increase the visual appeal of your dessert. If your local specialty bakery offers sugar art, speak with someone to come up with an idea that will suit your cake. There are several details that you should consider, including the following dos and don'ts.

Do: Match It To The Occasion

At the bakery, you'll get a chance to see photos of all sorts of sugar art that the bakery has produced for past clients. There might be certain designs that really catch your eye, but it's important that you choose one that will properly suit the occasion. For example, if you're choosing sugar art for a cake that you'll use to celebrate your anniversary, the sugar art should have some sort of love-related theme.

Don't: Have It Where Kids Can Reach It

Some parents choose sugar art for their children's birthday cakes, while other people decide that this specialty form of edible art is best for grown-up occasions. If you decide to have your bakery produce some sugar art on a cake for your son or daughter's birthday, party, you'll want to keep the cake out of reach of the children for as long as possible. Sugar art has a magnetic quality for kids, and you don't want a child reaching out and touching the sugar art, resulting in damage.

Do: Document It

You probably aren't going to get sugar art each time that you order a cake, so it's important to not only choose the right occasion for this addition but to also document it well. You don't want to be telling a friend six weeks from now how beautiful the sugar art was but not have photos of it. Taking photos of the sugar art before you present the cake to your guests will help you to remember how it looked, but you may also want to share these photos on social media to help promote the bakery.

Don't: Be In A Rush To Eat It

If you have a large gathering, you might want to set the cake with the sugar art out on display for a period of time before you cut into it. You'll want to ensure that everyone in attendance gets a chance to stop and look at the cake — which is something that can take some time if there are lots of people at your gathering.