4 Reasons To Eat Locally Sourced Food

Food often travels across the state — or even across the country — to get to your home. Because of that, many people prefer to eat locally sourced food bowls instead of bowls made from faraway ingredients. There are many reasons to buy locally sourced food, and you can find four of them detailed below.

1) Locally Sourced Food Often Tastes Better

When you eat fruits or veggies that traveled across the country before landing at your grocery store, you may notice your produce lacks flavor. The produce you find in your local farmer's market, on the other hand, may have been picked that week, maybe even during the past day or two. This means that this produce may be fresher and tastier than what you would get at a large grocery store.

Fruits and veggies can lose their flavor the longer they spend off the vine, so locally sourced produce will often have more flavor than mass-produced produce. Local food is picked at the peak of ripeness, helping you get all the flavor and nutrients that nature intended.

2) Buying Local Helps the Environment

Did you know that the food industry is responsible for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions? In fact, agriculture, forestry, and other land use contribute to about 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year.

When you buy locally sourced food, you're helping to reduce these emissions because locally sourced food doesn't have to travel as far as food that's sourced from other parts of the country or the world. In addition, locally sourced food is often produced using sustainable methods that are better for the environment, such as organic farming practices.

3) Local Food Supports Your Local Economy

When you buy locally sourced food, you're supporting local farmers and businesses. This, in turn, helps to boost your local economy. When you buy from large grocery stores or online retailers, on the other hand, your money is more likely to go to shareholders who may not even live in your community. That's one reason why many people choose to create locally sourced food bowls.

4) You Can Build Relationships With Local Farmers

When you buy locally sourced food, you have the opportunity to build relationships with the farmers who grew your food. This is a great way to get to know the people who are responsible for putting food on your table. In addition, you can learn about the farming practices used to grow your food and even ask for advice on how to prepare certain dishes.

Next time hunger strikes, don't head to the grocer. Help local farmers and the economy thrive by enjoying a locally sourced food bowl.