Restaurant Equipment That Will Improve Efficiency

A convection oven and a commercial-grade food warmer are two pieces of commercial restaurant equipment that will improve efficiency within your dining establishment. Large amounts of food can be cooked at the same time, and your waitstaff will not be burdened with the task of bringing out dishes of food before customers have had a chance to finish the course that they are currently enjoying.

Even Heating And Increased Functions

A conventional oven and stovetop provide limited space to cook food, and some conventional models may not heat each portion of an interior chamber as evenly as desired. A large convection oven and stovetop combo will contain ample room for many baking trays or individual pieces of cookware.

Within a convection oven, there is a fan that is activated during the cooking process. This fan circulates the heat and distributes it to the racking systems that are located within the unit. Some convection ovens include functions that will support the fine-tuning of meals.

If one dish tends to overcook if it is prepared at a high temperature and your chef would like to slightly lower the temperature or switch cooking processes, you can invest in equipment that allows for small modifications that will cook ingredients in a custom manner.

Shop for a convection oven and stove duo that contains plenty of burners. Consider the size of the cookware that is typically used and choose a stovetop design that contains burner dimensions that will be large enough for the entire base of each piece of cookware to rest evenly on the surface that is being used to heat up a batch of ingredients.

Food That Remains Warm

As soon as your chef receives an order, preparations may begin and the food will be ready within a specific timeframe. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to time the delivery of meals so that they can be enjoyed soon after they have been cooked.

A commercial-grade food warmer may contain a stainless steel outer covering and heating pads that are electrically-operated. Freshly-cooked food products can be placed inside stainless steel reservoirs that rest above the heated surface or you can invest in a warming unit that contains separate platforms that will support the warming of plated foods.

After purchasing a warming unit, install it near the area where food is being cooked. This will allow your chef to conveniently place finished meals or batches of food without needing to leave the area where they complete most of their cooking duties.