Finding The Right Caterer For Your Wedding Reception

When you are planning your wedding, there are literally hundreds of details to work out and so many people to hire that it can be very overwhelming. Finding the perfect wedding caterer is one of those many details that must be worked out. Setting the menu and deciding on who to hire is not easy but once it is down you will feel a little better having one thing off the list of to-dos.

Price Is Not The Best Reason

When you begin looking at caterers, it would be easy to just say, "..your cheap and the food sounds good", but the truth is, hiring a caterer because they are cheapest is a recipe for disaster. There is a lot more to the process than just the price. Take your time and really compare the caterer's food, service, and price. There are a lot of ways to make this choice but the best is to set up a meeting and tasting with each caterer that you are considering then make them tell you why you should hire them for your wedding.

Food Quality

This is a big point to consider. If you have looked at a few caterers, you probably know that the quality of the food you will be serving is critically important. Food that disappoints you will forever be the dark shadow over the wedding.Keep looking at caterers until you find the right one, even if it means having to talk to a dozen or more. Remember this is your wedding so don't let them change the menu unless you approve it. This way there are no surprises that are going to catch you off guard one your wedding date,

Availability Of The Caterer

This is an important part of your process, so take the time to discuss the dates of the reception and the rehearsal dinner. The caterer you are considering may already be booked for the day you are getting married. If that is the case, you may need to move on to another caterer. If you really like this one, you could change your date if nothing else has been set yet but if you have other services that are already set in stone, changing all of them to fit into the availability of just one caterer doesn't make a lot of sense. Talk to the caterer and explain the conflict then you can try to work it out with them before you get too deep into the process.