4 Best Indian Foods When You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you may want to take a night off of cooking and order in. But with all of the rules about what you can and cannot eat while pregnant, you may wonder what you should order. If you like Indian food, you should be happy to know that most Indian dishes are healthy options during your pregnancy, as they are often good sources of protein and fiber. However, when you are placing your order, there are some items you should be sure to include. 


Lassi is a yogurt based drink, often with fruit such as mango blended in it. Like most dairy products, it can give you the extra calcium your body needs while you are pregnant. But many women find yogurt to be easier to digest than milk when they are pregnant due to the bacteria cultures and the half-processed state of yogurt. So if you are having digestive issues such as acid reflux or gas, order a lassi as your drink of choice. 

Rice and Lentil Dishes 

Indian food tends to be rich in fiber, which can help with pregnancy constipation. If your dish comes with rice, make sure you opt for brown rice since it contains more fiber. Also, be sure to order daal, which is lentils and will help soften your stool. 

High Protein Vegetarian Options 

If you are pregnant and a vegetarian, Indian food can be a good way to get your daily dose of protein. Even if you are a meat eater, you may find vegetable protein easier to digest during your pregnancy. Dishes with beans or legumes, especially chick peas, are an excellent source of protein. Chana masala is a protein-packed stew that is both creamy and hearty. Or you can get your protein through dairy with a cheese dish. Try saag paneer (spinach and cheese) for a warm, protein and iron rich meal. 

Walnut Based Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth during your pregnancy, opt for desserts that will satisfy your craving while providing critical fatty acids for your baby. For example, walnut sheera, a paste made from walnuts, can sooth your cravings while helping your baby's brain develop. 

If you are pregnant, you do not need to eat a bland diet. But you should make choices that are healthy for you and your baby. In general, Indian dishes are a great source of healthy pregnancy food. Check out places like Deccan Spice that even offer delivery.