3 Break Room Must-Haves To Improve Mood And Productivity

Whether you own or manage a business, ensuring your employees are comfortable, happy, and productive can be difficult. From training and encouraging to promoting and keeping them safe, it is easy to see the challenges of managing individuals. No matter how pleasant your workplace is, your employees will need breaks from their day. Thankfully, you can ensure your workers are healthy, happy, and productive by equipping the break room with a few key must-haves.


Soda and candy machines are great, but the contents of these machines are not the healthiest options for you and your employees. Bottled water is also beneficial, but an estimated 40 percent of bottled water is just bottled tap water, which may contain arsenic, aluminum, and fluoride. For a healthy, happy, and hydrated workplace, consider equipping your break room sink faucet with a filter for an ongoing supply of good quality water.

Offer each of your employees their own water bottles so they can fill with water throughout the day. Staying hydrated with clean water will keep you and your workers healthy, energetic, and in a pleasant, productive mood.


Your workers will love the availability of free, filtered water, but they will also enjoy using this healthier water for making coffee.

Purchase a good quality coffee machine that uses individual pods and a few different flavors/types of coffee. Be sure to offer both decaf and caffeinated, as well, since some of your employees may not consume caffeine. Creamer, sweeteners, cups, and stir sticks are also beneficial to keep on hand. Healthier items accompaniments, such as honey, coconut oil, and even pods that brew tea, should also be included.

To make sure you never run out of coffee pods and supplies, invest in a delivery service that replenishes items every few weeks.


You and your employees use the break room to relax, so avoid furnishing the space with unattractive cafeteria chairs and hard chairs that are so uncomfortable everyone will want to head back to their desks.

Upholstered sofas and occasional tables, lounge chairs with ottomans, and even recliners allow your employees to unwind comfortably. Even for just a few minutes, resting on this comfortable furniture can decrease muscle tension, relax stiff joints, and free the mind so you and your workers can head back to work with an improved physical and emotional well-being.

Your break room is a retreat for you and your employees. With these must-haves, you can equip the break room in the best manner possible. Contact a company like Five Star Water for more information and assistance.